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Bases returns with a detailed analysis by British military analyst Michael Shrimpton of the military aspects of the Ukraine war.
Sandi Adams has just retuned from a much needed rest in Brazil and will update us on the crisis we face from the corrupt Cabal, as they try to enforce their evil agenda against all life here.

Miles Johnston will provide a background to the late Lisa Williams, who was the key reason for why the Bases Project started, with Lisa bringing Miles to meet Barry King in 1994. Crucially exposing the details behind the back stabbing double crossing between the Draco Reptilian, Grey agenda, and humanity – plus the different countries involvement with these ETs. Jacqui Ann Davis was to speak on this, and some of her data, which matches the late Lisa’s will be mentioned.

Keynote speaker, with two presentations, is Lucy Wyatt.

Bob Osborne, who has now published his fascinating book on Zennor – Spirit of place now available in paperback, will be taking questions from the audience.. So get your questions ready!

A separate Bases event organised by Josie and the team from Ireland is being held over two days on the following weekend, in the Tannery, Glastonbury.

Miles, Bob Osborne, Sandi and Maria Wheatley will talk on the Sunday.

A series of practical events around parts of Glastonbury will be conducted by Josie’s team on the Saturday.

Bases2023 Christmas Seminars | Sat. 9th December | Bouverie Hall, Pewsey

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