Update 5G Global Protest Jan 2020

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As the “world” 5G rebellion expands, this is a “word” on the subject, a reason why its happening…YOU Organics think you are going to survive. You Wont..if you continue to accept “Science=Scientism”, which part of THEY ARE GOING TO KILL YOU, do you not understand….A few words of important observations from Miles

This and 5G, LED Lights with frequencies which destroy your eyes….

Why radiate to the surface of the earth frequencies the atmosphere protects us from.. but already the earth’s magnetic field has collapsed by 20%..which allows even more solar high energy into our world….
What do you not understand about that! Pole reversal imminent?!!

5G 6G 7G ..are there to control your replacements..a cyborg non organic army.

The CO2 fake crisis is because the hostile life form we face is NOT carbon based…..
Wake up!

The IEEE, OFCOM, FCC are betraying us… WAKE UP

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