One entrant is Sandra Daroy

Movie maker SANDRA DAROY has just recently released (Written, Produced , Edited) a Sci-Fi feature movie called “Awakening of 12 Strands” – Manual to forms of manipulations.  WATCH on VIMEO demand:

Feature movie “Awakening of 12 Strands” – Manual to forms of manipulation from sandra daroy on Vimeo.

Movie should be checked out if interested in the following topics  about heavily targeted individuals and Human DNA , Alchemy , Biochemistry and different forms of manipulations (from Artificial intelligence to Archonic Soul bounty hunting) . As well covering TIME Travel exercises  and spiritual and political, public health corruption issues, ufo disclosure and a new benevolent ET race . Positive abductions to help , energetic microchip removing ; Milabs; and non existence of HIV.

The Bases Film Festival is asking for submissions for the festival later in the summer.

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