March 20 Blog on March London

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A wonderful day across the world protesting against out Bought governments, and at last the lamestream “press” highlight the key UK Government minister “Hand Job”, who reached deep into public money in pure corruption.
Brave Piers Corbyn -standing for Mayor of London, and then President of the UK, was arrested again, early in the day, but the vast numbers of police, including the henge men in blue were kept at bay. (Terror-torials brought in to smash peoples heads, to keep the corrupt regems in power). Rumors of Tanks being brought in to crush the these governemnts “care” for their people after multiple Doctors from around the world, accuse them of practicing medicine without a license… a criminal offence…. If course all aproved by YouTube CIA Faceblock, who condem the people who dare to wish to survive this attack on them and their freedoms….
Perhaps the Police should be arresting our illegal goverenments and the corrupt companies, corporations, and WEF, who have Bought our goverenments to kill us, and track us like animals, for those who remain.

We are at War for our lives and freedoms, and exposing the corruption of global corporations, who get away with Murder, care of “terms and Conditions” by those in power. The long arm of the law is reaching out. Nuremburg awaits you for trial.
(thus the LIVE) symbol in shot.

Bases has been accused by YouTube and Bitchut to be antelife. “J’Accuse” !!

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