Irish Era 8 Radio Caroline at Canary Wharf 1995

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The Irish Era is the as it happened history of broadcasting focused on the extremely wonderful Irish commercial radio stations, which intermixed Radio Caroline staff with the land based based Irish SuperPirates, in Ireland. Ireland exploded in creativity and genius from the mid 1970s, resulting in the finest and most creative period of broadcasting since the UK had its creative radio in the 1960s.
Miles Johnston followed this era from 1978, in Big D Radio, as he worked for STC, the BBC and SKY Television right up to 2005 with the mighty super pirate boarder blasters of KissFM 103.7 AM 1008 and Energy106.6.
The Irish Era camera was to cover a story about man made aliens in Berkshire in 1994, which developed into the Bases Project.

Iris Era 1-7 were completed in early 1991, as Miles focused on his own station Kiss FM 103.7 megawatt station, and its AM1008 trans-European transmitter for night time….
Energy 106.6 is incorporated into the Bases series, as one of the DJs, station co creator Lawrence John was abducted 4 times, in the near by St Patrick’s Chair and well, just over the Monaghan boarder in 1998-2000 .

The Ross Revenge was radio Caroline’s third ship, and was fitted out in the early 1980s, as some of its staff worked on Chris Cary’s brilliantly successful Radio NOVA station and KissFM 102.7, in the heart of Dublin. And Sunshine Radio, run by Robbie Dale, also a former Caroline DJ. (all covered in The Irish Era)

Copyright is being used to censor this history as well.

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