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Lynn Thyer fight for justice. Today’s guests are Aaron Johnston and David Noakes. Aaron Johnston is a truth seeker and spiritual healer who is passionate about fighting injustices and corruption within society. We discuss the Lyn Thyer case which David Noakes himself is involved with and relates to charges against both for alleged crimes which that of aren’t true. Lyn is currently in a UK jail after being kidnapped over a week ago and illegally held with her human rights taken from her. David and Lyn are linked with the cancer treatment GcMAF which has been hidden from the public for over 24 years and since then they have been persecuted and their lives have been made hell because they want to help cancer patients access life saving treatment on the NHS. With the corruption all around us we have no media coverage speaking out against the treatment that Lyn and David have been receiving and both await court on Thursday 8th August where they will try and extradite Lyn to a French jail unlawfully, based on trumped up charges using the European Arrest Warrant as a cover.

Please can we make an effort and contact our MP’s those who are in charge of looking after the human rights of all us in this country. People to contact regarding this case are as follows:

Boris Johnson -PM
Robert Buckland – Justice Secretary
Priti Patel – Home Secretary

And please contact your local MP if you prefer.

We need to ask these people in power to intervene in this case and release Lyn Thyer from prison where she is illegally held against her human rights for committing NO crime. You can phone houses of Parliament, You can phone those above at their constituency office’s or at their government offices. You can reach them on Twitter and other social media platforms. It doesn’t matter how you reach them. All that matters is that we make them aware we know this is happening and that have a legal obligation to look after all of our human rights especially when being illegally held in a jail awaiting illegal extradition when NO crime has been committed and no law has been broken.

You can also sign the petition which is addressed to both the Justice Secretary and the Home Secretary. Let them know we are aware and that they must take action against this unlawful and unjust fiasco.

The petition is here on this link –
Check out the website that David refereed to regarding the MHRA here –

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