Bases2020 Piers Corbyn on the road

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Piers Corbyn, runs, and accurately predicts the weather..without the propaganda and lies of mainstream science. He is fighting against the new world order 1984 style “new normal”.

The vaccination scam, the masks scam, and so we join him on the phone, from a location in the midlands, as he brings the message to the people.
Piers has done a four part weather Masterclass for Bases, as has Professor Valentina Zharkova, who is fighting for her career, as her science and data on magnetic fields, and the maunder minimum, we are now in for 35 years, is against the propaganda and lies of mainstream media and scientism.

Piers has been arrested while speaking at Speaker’s corner in Hyde park. The police uniform strangely able to protect police from Covid, showing the lie and frace of the restrictions and masks we are now forced to wear. Masks are killing people, as it forces the body’s waste air back into the lungs, so making us ready for the second farce of Lock-down 2, which is designed to kill as many of us as possible, as the planned collapse of our society, and the killing of billions of us, is scheduled in the near future.

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originally live streamed late Friday evening, July 17th 2020

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