Bases Dublin Ireland Awakens 2017 post event Fast Blast

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A week after the Bases Ireland Awakens conferenec, this is heads up fast blast to give basic summary. The main progressive move was the ability to livestream full HD from site, while taking in a Skype from the US. So a day and a half of raw cut lectures were streamed for free, from Dublin.
These have been exdtremely popular, so an request is being made to donate if you wish, so we can improve this service with a fully live co ordinated series of broadcasts, which means a great deal more tek, and crew.

The visit to St Patrick’s Chair and Well, and the hard connection with interdimensional portals, the abduction of Lawraence John at the site, and two border blaster stations in the 1980s-2005, Kiss and Energy, are made here, with the Awakening of Ireland after the pre-flood man crisis… the whoel reason for the conference

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