Bases at UfoMegaCon Samantha Mowat Part 5

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Samantha Mowat Bases In America Part 5 of 8, please refer to parts 1-4, BEFORE watching this.
From infancy SAMANTHA MOWAT has been watched over by extraterrestrial and multi-dimensional beings. At numerous points in her life extraterrestrials have intervened by providing healing to her physical form; they have given her guidance in sharing knowledge of future events, they have been her teachers and they have become loving members of the family.

As a child Samantha was drawn to the occult. While other little girls were dreaming of becoming movie stars or princesses, Samantha was reading her parents books on the magickal arts, psychic powers and the ufo phenomenon. This fixation with understand the unseen world was a means of trying to understand the multidimensional reality she was experiencing. Samantha had an invisible friend who she often called Danny, it wasn’t until years later that she learnt about her twin brother that had died in the womb and that this boy was her brother. Over the years, the relationship between Danny and Samantha has changed, he no longer appears to her in human form, he now appears as a tall white being with piercing blue eyes and a soft glow around his body.

Hybridization and the Milab Experience: The interconnection of followed bloodlines — genetic alteration and orchestrated relationships

The experience of contact is rarely simple, with the influence of extraterrestrials guiding and shaping bloodlines throughout the ages, it can be easy to focus heavily upon one’s own experiences rather then the big picture.

The influence often begins in childhood, where often, introduction to other contactees in a classroom like setting allows for the contactees (as well as the extraterrestrials and multi-dimensionals) to establish a relationship and further develop their bond. While onboard, it is common for medical examinations and alterations to occur as the extraterrestrials monitor, and if necessary, modify the physical and etheric body of the contactee. Another component of the contact experience is re-introduction to the soul family, beings of whom your soul is familiar with and has a deep sense of kinship with, some of which are romantic — whereas others are platonic.

These frequent encounters can lead to a contactee becoming a target of Black Ops

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