Bases at UfoMegaCon Miesha Johnston

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Bases at The UfoMegaCon 2019 with Miesha Johnston, and an update in her works and experiences. She is a 3rd generation expoeriencer having contact wuth 8 different types of extra terrestrials including MILAB & MkUltra. She shares her story of her encounters in her books. She has been on many radio shows and has been on European, Canadia and Russian TV. She has benn facilitating Experiencer groups since 1991.

She is a certified Hypnotherapist specialising in ET Experience Regressions, Past Life Regression and Trauma Recovery.

we discuss the mass abduction that took place at the second Supersolidier Summit in 2013, organised by Lorean Fenton, who also organised the UfoMegacon 2019 along with Bob Brown
Her websites are and

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