Bases at The Black Swan Michael Shrimpton

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This Christmas Falklands War special, starts with author and intelligence expert Michael Shrimpton giving a briefing on the types of German submarines used for the south Atlantic, and the appalling uses they used for. Focus on the war, and the use of Thule Island, where the black goo was found, as a German submarine base in WW2.

He goes on to discuss the Madeleine McCann affair, and how and who kidnapped her and how she was murdered.
How two nuclear weapons taken from the Kursk submarine brought into Britain by the DVD, for use at the London Olympics.

This is packed with information, some of it you wont like.
The second main lecture of the day, a special on the Black Goo, at Thule island followed. See Michael’s other lectures on Bases 2016 and Bases 2017, The Black Swan Hotel, Devizes a year ago at AV7

Michael has published a key book called Spyhunter; The secret history of German Intelligence.
(with apologies for gremlins in the sound. again!)

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