Bases 94-1 Linn a Nordic Contactee Session 1

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The first session, with another brave witness, giving her account of multiple generational so called “ET” contact, and more. The Blue Doctors..or “blue Greys”.
This session suffers from a great deal of interference, even an “agent” making sure he is in the video. The attendence of agents making it so obvious makes this a major whistle blow case.
A stressful time for all.
Right beside where the Bizmark class battleship Blücher was sunk in April 1940, as Norway surrendered to the Nazi invasion. Many points of connect here.

The power outage in the normal Norwegian weather was not a coincidence. Many signatures at work here.
A Masonic disclosure almost identical to this one was described off screen a day or so later.
A very tense atmosphere during this and the rest of the sessions.

Session 2 and 3 to follow

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