Bases 88 part 2 Tim Rifat Raided

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Tim Rifat, (Total Intent Manifest) is not happy. MI5 raided his flat in Brighton, and he gives a very rare interview to Bases, and has a few things to say. For instance Premiership..ALL FOOTBALL is a Psychic Warfare weapons to SUCK YOU DRY…
This and the “A” list Hollywood stars..all part of the process to suck your life force and wipe you and the rest of us dry…
Here Rifat explains a few things. As David Icke says Problem, Reaction, Solution….
Extremely strong language, Severe themes. No messing about.
Features the destruction in his flat….. and his steel sheet lines “safe room, from the Targeting and 500 MI5 agents that surround the town….
Tim’s reports are available on the Jeff Rense web site, over the years.

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