Bases 69 The Killing of Tiffany Jenks Part One

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Tiffany was a beautiful woman, with major resposnibilties at a crucial US asset on the the iggest Dams project in the Americas. She was shot. Problem is she begged for help as she knew she was going to die. At the time Captain had no idea what Monarch mind control was, and did not take her cries for help seriously.
Here, her former boyfriend John S Captain III states his case that this is a major conspiracy, involving Monarch Mind Control, gang stalking, and massive Police and instututional corruption. As Tiffany was some how involved with a corrupt rigging of the electricity price asa she could send vital data to certain parties, as the water was adjusted in the massive hydro scheme with the massive dam project.
A case with similar traits to the murder of Marie Kayali’s daughter…gang stalked to death.

A highly controversal case… is Captain telling the truth..or just a wannbe fantascist. Part 1 establishing his cause

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