Bases 59 Max Spiers Solo Max & Orlando by Tim Rifat & Gridkeeper

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Max Spiers mentioned in the earlier interviews a ceremony in Canterbury Cathedral, with Orlando Bloom, many many years ago.
This important ceremony is a vital link to Max’s background, and the whole British “Super Soldier” program.

Talking in Vietnam, Tim Tony Stark Rifat, gives a series of detailed explanations about this whole affair, and why Max ultimately was killed.

TIM Rifat appears elsewhere in Bases88. He has written some of the most important works on Mi6 Psychic warfare, and with Duncan, has released the most extensive and detailed information on the issues of complex number space, and far more.

He is conducting full scale psychic warfare against the Elite, Rothschilds, A-Listers and so on and the hose who have imprisoned and attack, and farm us. Taking the battle to the enemy, using the technology and weapons they use against you and I everyday.

Reloaded from their sites. GRIDKEEPER / CELESTIAL PALADIN

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