Bases 58 Sandy Glaze part 1 Canadian Institutional Abuse

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In this introduction to Sandy Glazer, we deal with some of the most severe issues in Canada’s “care” home network. In effect its open season on human children.
Sandy Glaze is an entrepreneur, life coach, author, Reiki Master, speaker and mentor. Sandy knows how to get people to open up their hearts and their minds and how to get to the heart of a matter. She is passionate and compassionate as she encourages others to go deep into their souls to find meaning in their lives. Her enthusiasm is contagious as she energizes people by teasing their hearts and souls awake as she re-acquaints us with our deep human nature.

She is author of Ending Global Loneliness; Finding Purpose, Love and Dynamic Relationships. She is passionate about restoring love to the universe, one heart at a time.

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