Bases 58 Sandy Glaze Institutional Abuse Part 5

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Sandy Glaze with new solutions and insights into the social curses of our day, Institutional abuse, of adults and children and the ways to solve them.
Author of Ending Global Loneliness: Finding Purpose, Love and Dynamic Relationships.
Sandy Glaze was born in Ontario, Canada where she currently resides. She has enjoyed an extensive career as a financial advisor. Throughout her career and in her personal life she has had the privilege of being invited into the hearts and home of many, offering a listening ear and a safe haven for people to talk as they shared their dreams, their goals, their obsessions, and the obstacles they faced while striving to achieve them.

With her unique style, Sandy has often being referred to as a confidant, a listener, a coach, a safe person, and a fan, endearing her place in the hearts of many.

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