Bases 57 Gabe Cruz TI Part 4 Removing Fear for FACTS

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Published on 19 Feb 2016

Cellular Telephone, and microwave digital coding in transmission and link communications systems is causing mother nature a real problem. Communications Engineers need to start recognising the mix of muliple codes of signals is causinga serious problem. As with medicfinec One drug may be ok, but the mix becomes toxic. The ability of insects and animals to actively communicate with humans is well known. Here they are making a point via Gabe, and skilled and highly experienced microwave RF engineer. He is telling his experience here at great risk, and under great suffering.

Why these accounts should be accessed on the computer and remotely deleted is another situation entirely!

Here it’s actually communicating with a highy experienced cellphone tower designer and builder.
The massive mix of encoded digital microwave signals and so many duifferent frequencies all in the same place is cuasing trouble. BIG Trouble. So Gabe wants to cut out the fear and get to the facts, as well as he can, as during these recordings he was being targeted. He is a “T-I”, targeted individual

On Feb 19th 2016 All Four Edited parts of Bases 57 were remotely deleted by nefariuous agencies over night, as Part 4 was being created by the computer. Well after a restart and recode here is Part 4.. So copy them all of Bases 57 parts 1-4 (so far) before they get deleted online.! But please donate to . A 10 day workload all gone in the middle of the night.

Feedback on these parts shows an interactive intelligence with the viewer. So I would apprecaite feedback on what your experience is.

As inparst 1-3, we had serious technical issues. My mic went down at the start, so I have just kept it as is, lip sync errors and all.

Some have said this is the DJINN communicating.

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