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Peter Paget gives insight into recent comments involving French astronaut Claude Haignere. This is about early warnings given to Canadian understakers to equiope for a 500% rise in expected deaths this winter.

The origins of this story are from many years ago, but have become important in the last few days. The issue is NOT as reported in the press (see example from The Mail On line) that she wanted to warn us of Aliens, but of a man made pathogen to cause the deaths of millions. Her lab was burned down shortly after she had a stroke. She has since recovered.

We go on to discuss further issues in what was only meant to be a 20 min update. dated Aug 24th 2017. Further information on how Fukushima and other vital stories become buried and forgotten in mainstream media

Mail On Line:- (example of how the mainstream press dis-informs with its Fake News)
A French astronaut has brushed off bizarre claims by conspiracy theorists that she tried to warn the planet about alien existence moments after attempting suicide.
Claudie Haignere, 59, reportedly said, ‘Earth must be warned’, moments before slipping into a coma due to an overdose of sleeping pills.
Space fanatics UFOmania have released a six-minute video dissecting the possible hidden meaning behind the events, but Dr Haignere – who made a full recovery – told MailOnline it was absolute rubbish.

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