Bases 30 Cathi Morgan on Robert Maxwell and UK children

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Cathi returns after 2 years with amazing and extremely disturbing information on the Robert Maxwell’s (Captain Bob who owned the Daily Mirror ..which supported Labour, Yet Mrs Thatcher called Capt Bob..”One of us”… ) and Thatcher has ‘issues’ over the creature that used her body,..and her daughter Carol was head of MJ 12, in the mid 2000’s…

This is an immensely complex story, and you do need to see Cathi’s earlier work at AMMACH , Bases, and Bases conference lectures.

Capt Bob’s connection with Britain’s National Child Deveopment monitoring programme, AND the publishing empire Paradom press, where Scienec was corrupted even further as the “peer” revue process was hijacked. So not only were all children in the UK ever born hijacked for MK Ultra, so were the science revue journals..This is deep stuff.
Pay attention.The Child Development Surveys connected with Robert Mawell, and what’s in the news now Maxwells and Jeffrey Epstein . The scale of this has no hieghts or depths. thiis HUGE

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