Bases 3 8 Part 4 Rendlesham Forest UFO events

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Peter Parish gives his final revue of his research in this part, with the Six Triangleular Secret Space craft seen by camping school children in the forest summer 1977. Then some other sightings and the Radiation hazards in the forest.
Nuclear tests carried out in the 1950s. Dangerous levels of radiation in the soil, across both bases.

This concludes Bases 3, note two appendices to the series feature 2 important 1983 interviews with witnesses. Notably the woman who sourced the space shuttle nose cone photo, showing that a before publicly launched (1981) (a ‘Dark’)Shuttle made a desperate attempt to land at Woodbridge (Dec 1980), before breaking up east of the base, most of it hitting the north sea.
Parish’s work has been over 40 years. He, Brenda Butler and Dot Street being the brilliant almost completely ignored British Researchers. The original eye witnesses who saw the Capel Green landing, completely ignored from history.

Bases 3 is raw data, and provided for the researcher.

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