Bases 25 Part 7 Eva Brockbrader SSS update Antarctica

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The Super Soldier Summits in 20212, and 2013, still have issues. Eva Brockbrader, who’s husband is the secret by Obama, for important reasons, is part of this discussion.
The running sore of the murder of Max Spiers, and the permanent imprisonment of James Casbolt, all part of this. Part 6 describes much of this in a informal manner at a Canadian public Library, available on Bitchute.
Severe issues and disagreements between people at the summits remain.
Right to Reply offered.
The Antarctic Base, discussed, the true source of the command structure taking control of the planet, prior to the impending magnetic pole shift.

This upload will be on the very rare new ones, loaded to this book burner platform.
Bases was deleted in the summer , on its primary platform on YT. So far costs of over £10,000 have been incurred trying to recover the files lost.

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