Bases 2017 Ireland Awakens Final Q&A and Close

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The Bases 2017 international conference “Ireland Awakens” closes with a Q&A with Kerry Cassidy, Sandra Fecht, Antoinette Lyons Glynn, The Dark Journalist and Cathi Morgan.

overcoming teh mic limitationjs was a problem, we were unable to use any radio mics due to “splatter” interference and our lights were unable to mounted on the stands we had, due to short comings of the local hire companies. (280 Euro for a 90 degree bracket EACH!)

So its a bit chaotic, and we got across some evry goodm questions, and final bunch of flowers for teh frew.
So many thanks to The Dublin Ground crew, who helped all working so well together to make a wonderful 4 days event (The first day was teh tour to Alien Mountain, and St Patrick’s chair and well…. and so on..
Please note many of the lectures are only available on Vimeo, due to the collapse of YouTube’s revenue sharing to a trickle.

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