Bases 111 Kingdom of Manna Part 1 An Introduction

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In early June 2020, Bases News was given a proclaimation to read, essentially saying any nation that was start a War between China and USA, would be ‘Stopped’. Everything, banks, satellites, the lot. By the power of the Kingdom of Manna. So, here we now introduce:- who are The Kingdom of Manna….
23rd June 2020……..
the Kingdom of Manna has shut down all 4 super powers central banking system are been shutdown until further notice

Also now all their military systems are now shut down

Also their industry systems shutdown

Also their intelligence systems

The Kingdom of Manna gives warm invitation to these Nations to commence dialogue and create a forum in which to further PEACE initiatives not GLOBAL WAR in whatever form they create.

They con make contact via the following channels.

Sir Tamarau Puna
Grand Knight 

Personal assistant to
His Majesty Michael Uriel l

Sovereign Kingdom of Manna
Manna World Holding Trust
Country code: FMCA7778887779999-KOM

Phone: +63 956 930 5547
Skype id: tamaraupuna

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