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The UK Channel 4 is doing a series on the Cyborgs and Robots now entering Society…its happening. (Other countries like Holland are way ahead of the UK in telling their population about the effects of AI and the Cyborgs)
The Human transition to a Cyborg existence, and ultimately, as many plan, by 2045, an existence ONLY in a computer matrix, is now in work.

This update focuses on vital books to read, One Step Beyond..The 16, by John Urwin and Spyhunter,The Secret History of the German Intelligence Service by Michael Shrimpton and a heavily coded edition of the London Evening Standard.

Donation information as well, since many have complained I dont give out the information needed for donating , just visit site and use th donate button.

Bases started over 27 years ago looking at synthetic beings, called Programmed Generated Life Forms being made in Peasemore. Its all coming true, as the population management systems increase, and the new generation of kids, born since the 2000’s are called “flakes” “Snow Flakes” give them any problem, or ‘heat’ in life and they fade away like a snow flake.
The stage is set for a cyborg take over. Existing humans will comply, and all reproduction will be in labs.

But who is listening, who can be bothered. Do we really deserve to survive if no one is prepared to do anything….”COMPLY”

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