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These poems are from Dee Dee who drove Laura from Edinburgh down to appear in person at Bases HQ.


We packed our bags and drove away.

To Wiltshire for to save the day.

To leave them with nothing to say.

And build a path for a better day.

The story unfolds as the story is told.

To pave the way to our pots of gold.

To rid our realm of the evil being done.

And unite our family as one in the sun.

The camera rolls as we sit here with Miles.

To get out our story, as it builds and compiles.

To open a big can of worms as they say.

To reach to the masses as much better way.


A second poem by Dee Dee, written in 2015:


The old was the prophecy for the new.

Time now to find out the way it came true.

The new will be going back to the old.

As the will of the universe starts to unfold.


Poems by Dee Dee, in Edinburgh


Poems by Dee Dee

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