The term Mind Hacking is a more graphic and violent assault on the mind than the more clinical term Mind Control. Miles Johnston has been studying the effects of mind control for many years, notably with the discovery of synthetic advanced information discover and control creatures called “Scuttlers”. These are a semi hyperspatial mechanoid creature which “feed” on information sources, and are found attached to peoples heads, and information thought based technology from broadcast transmitters and computer systems, and telephone exchanges. They look like spiders, which behave like crabs. Thus the term “you have a crab on your back”…. the legs infuse into the brain through the back of the head, with the “body” of the creature held in the left shoulder. When seen, the observer has about a second or 2 seconds to be prevented from seeing them, as it “tells” you its not there. Scuttlers have about 8 legs, and slowly crawl away when observed. Thought to be connected to grotesque multi legged creatures called the “Krackon”, which have been seen and reported as giant squid creatures. These are massive in size,and reported at SKY TV’s head office in the 90s, and several parts of London. They are not meant to be here, and used by the controllers to attack and monitor our activities. You can note their existence with a feeling, as you walk through thick water.

In the late 2000s, some material evidence of this became clear when I participated in a lunchtime “happy slappy events”, where a series of tile paintings by staff at SKY Television revealed some extremely alarming issues. These tile paintings have one thing in common, creatures with many legs and eyes. (DJINN) The paintings have this basic connection throughout, and are portrayed in massive cats eyes, the rays of the sun, the “Simpsons”, flying saucers and massive creatures with many eyes and lots of legs. And the “moth man”, also a set of KISS FM 103.7 logo lips!, And the use of the HAND symbol, used only 18 months later for the AMMACH Project, and this website.

Some months later a man describing himself as a retired senior BBC board director established direct contact with me and stated his prime duty was to monitor Mind Control activities at the BBC, and report back to the Director General In Person. He stated that the “person” he reported to was quote:- NOT HUMAN

These paintings were photographed using my mobile phone, and were just some of the approximate 100 or so painted that day. It is my conjecture that whomever commissioned this happy slappy event was in fact testing the minds of the staff to see if their mind hack was working.

Such activities were reported to SKY and ignored.
All images shown below were drawn by sky staff June 2009.
[Latest Mind Hacking expose document – PDF]

Mind Hacking

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