Maria Wheatley

Maria Wheatley is a second-generation dowser who was taught by European Master Dowers and Chinese geomants. She has continued her late father’s dowsing research into the esoteric design canons of prehistoric sites, Druidic ceremonial enclosures and the Knights Templar’s churches and cathedrals. Maria is a leading authority on geodetic earth energies and ley lines. She has written holistic diploma courses for private colleges and runs which offers certificated courses on holistic subjects including past life regression, astrology, tarot and dowsing. Maria teaches advance dowsing techniques which are not taught anywhere else in the world and Celtic Feng Shui.

Talk: Sacred Sites Above and Below the Ground – Lost Wisdom and Earth Power

Talk description: Our prehistoric ancestors created sacred sites that were above and below the ground. Sites below the ground are intense and transformative. One site in Ireland is especially deep and in Orkney a spiral stone staircase leads you deep into the womb of the earth. To be reborn from these inner earth temples and their dark depths is an extraordinary experience – one that can change your life. However, many sites were constructed above the ground, such as vast stone circles and dolmens. Maria will take you on a fascinating journey across the British Isles and Sardinia to reveal the diverse earth and ley energies associated with the some of the most unusual monuments ever constructed. Identifying the people that created them, as well as identifying many unusual burials that mystify archaeologists, Maria brings you ever closer to your distant ancestors and their wondrous stone and earthen temples.