John S Captain III age 49 has spent the past 35 years owning and developing businesses in his home city of Portland Oregon. His current store Portland Tub and Tan has been in successful operation for more then 22 years. John S Captain III is an active trader on the NYSE John has 2 years of criminal Justice College, with emphasis on Crime scene analysis, and 4 years College in ASL Sign Language.

In 2012 John met Tiffany Jenks and they began a relationship. After Tiffany had warned of her upcoming murder John made it his life learning and sharing what he has learned about Tiffany Jenks life in the Illuminati, New World Order, Cabal, and Deep State. His research into MK-ULTRA and Monarch Mind Control has lead him to meet several experts in the field most notably Clyde Lewis of Ground Zero, Miles Johnston, David Icke, and Fritz Springmeier whom all have shared this story to the world.

John joins us from China, flying in especially to deliver this extra lecture on the Friday.