An Experiencer’s Event for Contactees, Abductees Targeted Individuals 

Bases at The Theatre on the Hill, Granham Hill, Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8 4AX


JULY 31 – AUGUST 2ND th  2015

EXPERIENCER EVENT:- By Witness requests:- A chance for witnesses and Targeted Individuals to discuss as they see fit, how they feel and lead with their experiences with others. To be able ask questions and discuss what has been happening to them:-  The opportunity for IMPLANT Scanning with some of the special kit available at BASES, to ascertain any of the physical implants are active in people. This is an open event for experiences hosted by Miriam – experiences can speak for 10 minutes or more. Please advise Miles by June 16th 2015.


By Mirjam Janse

Healer, Clairknower, Clairvoyant, Transformational Coach and Visual Artist. This lecture is an invitation to stretch your notions on cropcircles, death, space and healing powers.



Dutch Mirjam Janse is a Healer, Clairknower, Clairvoyant, Transformational Coach and Visual Artist.

She has the unusual talent to combine her gifts which results in an original way of working and speaking. The healing powers of the human body and the sagasity in nature have fascinated her since childhood. Since waking up she feels a strong inner need to express her connecting to other eras and dimensions.

In her lectures she courageously connects Aliens to frequencies in our human bodies, our thoughts to our healing powers. Her strive after knowledge to share gives her an aura of enthusiasm and lightness. She is a true guide.

She studied working with constellations, coaching and healing. She graduated with distinct at the School of Intuition and Healing in London.

Mirjam lectured on Healing and Awareness at the International Bases Conference in Marlborough in August 2014. Elizabeth Seninde interviewed her for TPV, the Healthshow. She writes for Pulse, Global Bem Magazine on Free Energy and for Frontier, Frontier World Magazine.

Her communication with rozes impressed the owner of a Greenhouse in Burgerveen. He invited her to give a serie of public lectures in the Glass House. Recurring topics  in her lectures are Healing Energy, the Transformation and Creativity.

As a Transformational Coach she guides people who courageously intent to change their life profoundly. She works with individuals and groups In the UK, the Netherlands and France.

Mirjam Janse lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Private Sessions

Mirjam Janse is a Healer, Clairknower, Clairvoyant, Transformational Coach and Visual Artist.

You have the opportunity to book a privat session with her on Friday 31th July 14.00 till 19.00 hr.

On Sunday August 2thAugust she offers privat sessions from 13.00 till 17.00 hr.

There is a seprate room available.

Mirjam has an intuitive understanding of how our thoughts and experiences are related and knows how to put them in a understandable perspective. She has a special gift to identify karmic and past lives causes. When tuning in she sketches you the bigger picture of the issues you are dealing with at that moment.

Mirjam works fast and powerful and knows how to put things in perspective. Time and Space are no limitation to her observations. Her aim is to assist people in recognizing the Intention of their Soul.

For those who like to experience a session a Speed Reading of 30 minutes is possible.



She will do an implant scan on request. The scan is intended to give an indication only.

At the Woodborough mini-Conference in June Miles did a few scans on implants by using his electronic devices. Having an empathic person such as Mirjam present, allows for the healer or empath to detect the scanned implants at the same time. So as the metre gets a signal, the implant can be reacting, and thus scanned and detected.

In Marlborough you get a brief chance to get your data. Mirjam will do the scan and tune in empathicly and as a Clairivoyant as well. By combining a scan with a reading Mirjam aims at gaining insight in your personal link to the data.

As Miles puts it, scanning for implants is complicated, but we have to start somewhere. So you can get just a brief reading.

The exchange for a session of 45 minutes is £ 60,- . A speed reading £ 40,-. Cash only.

To be assured of a reservation send an email to

A private session in the week following the Conference is also possible on another location in Marlborough. Welcome!






Video Lecture on Healing & Awareness:

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