Dear Nicole and Miles, I would like to provide you with an update to my situation. I have been diagnosed by a psychiatrist who came into the prison with something called P.D.D. – Persistant Delusional Disorder. I have been sectioned under the Mental Health Act and I am due to be transferred to a hospital any day now. My barrister has informed me that if my condition is treatable I will not have to return to prison. I have also been informed that on the other hand, my condition is NOT treatable I will be put back in prison. Prison is a horrific place and I must find some way to secure my freedom, heal the past and rebuild healthy relationships with my family and children. I thank you for the work you’ve done to help me. Sincerely yours, James Casbolt, HMP Exeter 27/2/15

Casbolt Update 7/03/2015

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