This is a relaxed affair, that will be recorded. Do come, socialise and join in!

Doors Open at 12pm.

1pm: After lunch SPEAKERS:

Caroline Stephens: She may speak on BREXIT!
Mike Emery: On The Orgone Bubble.. and how to make one.
Michael Shrimpton: The EU and Brexit and other secrets.
Ura Soul: Decentralising The Web & The Facebook Censorship Lawsuit.
Gabe Cruz: From USA via Skype: 5G and the Cellphone industry.
Mark Steele: From Gateshead via SKYPE: Latest on the legal battle over the toxic effects of 5G and related battlefield weapons technology.

Book your Christmas Lunch Directly:

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The hotel wishes all orders to be made by the week before the event, if you can. This is so orders on the day do not overwhelm the kitchen.





+ Small get together at Bases HQ.

All attendees are fully responsible for their own bookings and accommodation.

£10 at the door.

(You may be required to pay a deposit for your meal by the hotel).

See you there!

The Bases Christmas Lunchtime Lectures | December 16th – Black Swan, Devizes

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