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Bases Special Event

Venue Update for June 20th Event

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Venue is WOODBOROUGH CLUB – 2 miles South of the Barge Inn

Woodborough Social Club
Smithy Lane
Wiltshire SN9 5PL

Doors Open 11am – 7pm
There is a bar available all day.
Speakers will be available to talk to throughout the day.


JUNE 20th  2015

An Experiencer’s Event for Contactees, Abductees Targeted Individuals 

Bases at Merlin’s Mound. With Miles J on “The Plot Board”, Ben Emlyn-Jones on Helen Duncan, The Bases Experiencer’s Public forum, hosted with Mirjam Janse, and special guest speaker Cara St Louis Farrell, on the Prussian education conspiracy.

EXPERIENCER EVENT:- By Witness requests:- A chance for witnesses and Targeted Individuals to discuss as they see fit, how they feel and lead with their experiences with others. To be able ask questions and discuss what has been happening to them:-  The opportunity for IMPLANT Scanning with some of the special kit available at BASES, to ascertain any of the physical implants are active in people. This is an open event for experiences hosted by Miriam – experiences can speak for 10 minutes or more. Please advise Miles by June 16th 2015.

Special Guest Speaker:- Cara St Louis Farrell

Cara St.Louis is an activist and author from the American Southwest who has been travelling the world speaking about The Aerosol War since 2012.


Her awakening in this arena began with what she considers to be her mother’s murder and the events surrounding it which culminated in a book called The Sun Thief. Living in the UK now, she has been a journalist for The People’s Voice Television as well as many alternative magazines in the US.  The new offering is called Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation…a collaboration between Cara and German-Israeli physicist, geologist and esotericist Harald Kautz-Vella. It presents the snapshot of the crescendo of social engineering called the 20th century, Morgellons, sentient oil, and even the black magic which supports the entire structure.  The over-riding question for us all at this moment is why are we allowing ourselves to be medically experimented on, to be gassed from the sky, for our planet to be terraformed in such a way that it is uninhabitable for us, the Earth’s true partners? This is war: a social engineering war against humanity with the goal of cultural obliteration, particularly in terms of western civilisation. Yet, we can save ourselves if we simply remember who we are. It is our power, in fact, that makes us the prime target.

Harald Kautz-Vella


Also speaking is scientist and esotericist Harald Kautz-Vella. Harald has co-written Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation contributing his deep work on the science of chemtrails as he presented at the Open Mind Conference in Oslo in 2012. Harald has also researched and developed practical experience with the phenomena of sentient oil and Morgellon’s Disease. His experiments, results and observations are profound. Importantly, he has identified the demonic aspects and history of these programs as well as the remediation of their ill effects . Harald is also an expert in transhumanism, its scientific as well as its esoteric manifestation.

Harald and Cara became working partners when Harald translated the book, The Sun Thief, into German. He is a physicist and geologist living in Berlin.

Ben Emlyn-Jones:- Strange case of Helen Duncan

ben emlyn-jones

Ben Emlyn-Jones is a researcher into the paranormal, government cover-ups, UFO’s and similar subject from Oxford. His talk will be about the strange case of Helen Duncan. The 1944 “Witchcraft Trial” in which psychic medium Helen Duncan was imprisoned for nine months now took place seventy-one years ago, yet it still arouses controversy and is as relevant today as it’s ever been. It concerns the true nature of reality, life and death. How much our rulers know about it? And how much are they willing to let us know?”

Miles Johnston:- What’s On the Plot Board

Miles gives a briefing on what is on the plot board, the status of play. A new kid has entered the game and it is changing things.  We don’t have much time.

Evening meal will be at the Barge Inn
barge inn
We will conduct a SKYWATCH at Knapp Hill in the evening.
knapp hill

We look forward to seeing you.


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Bases at WOODBOROUGH CLUB June 20th

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