World Club, Vaguenomics / Pass The Signifier
Live-Able Via-Bility. Directed by J. Prevost
This is a new band in east London. Features in part 2 of Bases 32 Message from A Bottle, on advanced mind states, and related Alien encounter matters.

J also co edited Bases 32, and added some creative inserts, while Joshua gave the interview, a 2 hour discussion of human evolution and advanced conscious states and ETs.
Also features Joshua Patrick,from Bases 32 who is one of the actors in the video.

This is a new venture for Bases, and we plan to add music videos which stimulate the subject with art, talent and new music, with ideas. Perhaps even have a Bases Music Concert if enough good bands who can perform, can get together.
Many thanks to Woirld Club, and Canada! I really loved it when I lived there,and never got to BC.

Bases 32 World Club Music Promo

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