The BASES2022 summer event, is being held in conjunction with Karen Dodd’s Freedom Network. As time is short this conference brings together, where possible, an international flavour of cutting edge experiencers, analysts, journalists and academics, to give you the opportunity to get across the extremely serious issues of the day.

The Freedom Network has asked to join the BASES lectures series, and so we bring together two wide demographics of people, to become informed, and get across hard leading edge issues.

Bases is about the Transhumanisation issue, which cuts across many subjects and genres. Thats :- Agenda 21, Climate, ‘aliens’, man made Aliens, inner earth, global conspiracry, and agendas, ‘Continuity of Government’, the dark agenda against us all.

Speakers Include (Subject to Change)

Friday – 8th July

3pm: Crop circle Tour – start at Bases HQ, Devizes, see what is available, includes a visit to the Crop Circle Exhibition in Honeystreet. Ad-hoc day looking around the crop circles obviously weather dependent. Ends at Pewsey by 5pm for first speaker of the day. Visit to exhibition paid at the door. This is an adhoc event, to have a fun day.

5pm: Conference Opens with Miles Johnston giving a heads up intro

Friday’s Speakers: Ben Emlyn Jones, Maria Wheatley, Colin Woolford, Bob Brown – co founder of the International UFO Congress, in conversation with Jemma Cooper and Colin Woolford,

Social after the speakers: at The Barge Inn, Honeystreet.

Saturday – 9th July

9am: Saturday’s Speakers: Bases Actual with Miles Johnston, Martin Colborne, Mike Emery, Harry Rhodes, Prof Valentina Zharkova, Kerry Cassidy

Sunday – 10th July

9:30am: Sunday’s Speakers: Andrea Foulkes, Matthew Williams, Michael Shrimpton, Kerry Murray, Gloria Moss, Sandi Adams, Karen Dodd,

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Tickets are available for 1 day or for all 3 at a reduced rate. Please visit Eventbrite for more details and to secure your ticket.

BASES 2022 | With TFN | Bouverie Hall, Pewsey, UK | 8-10 July

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