Valetina Zharkova Solar Masterclass Part 1

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Climate Change with a Masterclass, on ‘Solar Activity in the past millennia and its effect on terrestrial temperatures’ with Professor Valentina Zharkova. Part 1 of 4.
Valentina is a Professor in Mathematics at Northumbria University, Department of Mathematics,
Physics and Electrical Engineering.

This masterclass is split into four parts, so the viewer can watch this technical scientific class in 4 shorter parts. A complete version is available as a Bases Project long format edit (Bases 104)

The purpose of this masterclass is to give a sound scuientific data as technical as is required, for solid scientific puposes. That is Not an Opinion, but a statement of scientific research, for the wider aspects of an informed debate on climate change.
Bases intends to produce further masterclass technical scientific classes in this theme. Contact Miles Johnston on if you have hard scinetific data to offer in thie discussion.

Further, her data has been accepted by NATURE:- Professor Valentina Zharkova’s recent paper ‘Oscillations of the Baseline of Solar Magnetic Field and Solar Irradiance on a Millennial Timescale’ has been accepted for publishing in Nature. It confirms a Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) from 2020 to 2055, as all four magnetic fields of the sun go out of phase, while also suggesting centuries of natural warming post-Minima.

Further Bio on Valentina:-

I am a Professor in Mathematics at Northumbria University, Department of Mathematics, Physics and Electrical Engineering. I have the first class with distinction BSc/MSc degrees  in Applied Mathematics and Astronomy from the National University of Kiev, a Ph.D. degree in Astrophysics from the Main Astronomical Observatory, Ukraine.
 My PhD thesis was in non-LTE radiative transfer entitled “Hydrogen emission in quiescent solar prominences with filamentary structure”.

 I worked at Space Science Laboratory, Physics and Maths Department, National University of Kyiv as junior researcher, lecturer/researcher senior lecturer (1978-1994). In 1992 I joined the Astronomy Group of Glasgow University as the Senior Royal Society visitor, then a Research Fellow. In 2000 I became a Lecturer at the University of Bradford, in 2002 – a Reader and in 2005 – a Professor in Applied Mathematics. From September 2013 I joined the Northumbria University as a Professor in Mathematics.

 I have published two books and 15 chapters in different books, about 150 papers in pee-reviewed journal on particle acceleration, particle transport in flaring atmosphere and radiation produced during these process. During my research at Glasgow University I with Dr. S. Kosovichev from Stanford University, US published a paper in Nature on 27 May 1998 reporting a discovery of a sunquake induced by the solar flare. Now I and my collaborators have provided the quantitative explanations of sunquakes in flares, observing more that 200 of them. Recently, we with my PhD student published another paper in Nature Communications 2017 explaining hydrogen emission in solar flares, and especially H-alpha line emission with strong red shifts of 3-6 angstrom caused by energetic particles. Other two paper in Nature Scientific reports in 2015 and 2019 were reporting the discovery of new proxy of solar activity, principal components of the solar magnetic field, prediction of upcoming grand solar minimum in 2020-2053 (in 2015) and the discovery of Hallstatt’s cycle of 2200 years of variations of solar magnetic field, solar irradiance and their effects on terrestrial temperature..

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