Update March 2nd wide attacks General

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I categorically RE-Affirm my denials over the slurs and defmation in progress by certain utterly vile individuals, as referenced to the statement on my website from last year.
Others are also being severely maligned and misrepresented. I have been asked to make this general statement as its effecting a wider series of people fighting for the exposure of the secrets covering up the most despicable crimes against humanity on this world.
No name no pack drill as they say.
Those who claim to be representing James Casbolt are liars.
Certain individuals KNOW their statements are lies and have been witnessed accepting these as lies and dismissing it, “he can do his worst”,

The wider truth group are under a psyops attack, and those who are doing this expose themselves as agents and disinformation agents, and are enemies of life on this earth.

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