Tony Topping Targeted Individual at Probe 2016

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Target and Contactee, Tony Topping gives a quick interview after the close of the Oct 2016 Probe International conference at St Annes on Sea, on the English west coast, south of the Blackpool.
Tony appeared with myself in the “Great UFO Conspiracy” Channel 4 documentary about 2 years ago. Some comment on this, and the “Bases at The Barge”. Tony shared a room with James Casbolt the night before, he describes an important “Target event” where both Casbolt and Topping had an involuntary self hit attack.

Tony is expressing deep spiritual and human issues, which all targets need to to be able to deal with. His path is giving us , what is those humans who wish to survive, information they need to know. In pain and suffering as the TIs try to give us help for what is a terminal issues for all life here on this precious planet.

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