Tony Topping Ammach 2011 HD edit Part 2

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The second part of Tony Topping’s important and deep witness statement with an early Ammach Project witness statement, recorded at the old bases HQ in west London, Nov 2011. This is an HD 2017 edit, with some of the ‘out take’ conversation included, as some of the chats had important remarks and context. The odd camera tripod and lighting being effected by something.. or other. Thus some of the unplanned stops.

Personally its a very sad edit, as this new ‘thing’ we were all doing was cranking up to a major force. Joanne in fine form. Witnesses starting to come forward. Real new rsearch and a new data base of information, in the videeo domain was emerging.

Tony’s material is being proved rigtht as it matches other statemnst from entirely differeing sources. That is, when you go between dimensions… or realities, they are not in the same time frame, thus a type of time travel happens.

Also see Part 1 of this witness statement, also the two ISO Cam versions, cut down to the bare mimimum.

Every so often old interviews, which were shot in HD will be re-edited in HD, in the Bases Archive, when time permits.

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