Tony Topping Ammach 2011 HD edit Part 1

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Tony Topping delivers a vital witness statement at Bases HQ , west London for The Ammach project, in Nov 2011. Subsequent Bases and Ammach witnesses showed his data is of extreme importnace, especially with “Coincidence Man” ex Falklands War barbor Jonathon, featured in the short intro by Miles.His data, in 2014, matches Tony’s data years earlier. The extra feature is the Falklands, and the Project Oak Tree Time project.
This is a rare HD EDit, as the early interviews were shot in HD, but edited in SD. As the Bases HQ studio evolved the lighting got better.

This is an early Ammach witness recording, which, due to the ‘out take’ conversation, shows vital conversational information, for the observer.

A special ISO Cam edit of parts 1 and 2 are supplied by Bases of this Ammach witness, who has since been on a Bases at The Barge, and a national More 4 UK Network TV documentary “The Great UFO Conspiracy”.
Tony is giving a huge amount of information here, as does Joanne.

In view of the now closed atmosphere of the “Fake News silence” agenda. Please feel free to download ALL Bases-AMMACH video witness statements and distribute widely.
Do please credit accordingly and donate if you can, to keep these witness statements alive and the ability to record more in the future

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