The Peoples Health Yoga and Kinesiology Interview 1

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Being part of the The People’s Voice TV station created by public donation to David Icke, was a great experience. I was given The People’s Health show to edit and co-produce in late 2013. Its tragic the station was cut short, but rather than leave these edits to gather dust on a shelf, here they are. Presenter is Elizabeth Seninde, edits for insert.
The station operated from a section of the Wembley Point tower, on London’s north circluar road from late 2013

Thanks to all the staff and contributors to TPV, lets try and do it again and keep it on air ..
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Thanks also to the wonderful Brenda Trowbridge at Well Cottage beside the Barge Inn, Honesytreet for allowing me to hogg all ‘broadband’ these shows took over 12 hours to upload, due to Britain’s appalling internet system.

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