A delightful chance meet up with Caroline Stephens at AV9 has spawned a new Bases channel.  Stepping Stones to Awareness.

Most people simply have no idea what is happening. This new mainstream venture is to give everyday people a chance to become involved in the back story of every day life.
So join us in the pathway to Stepping Stones to Awareness with our delightful new host Caroline.
Some of the interviews will compiled on Bases prime – The Bases Project site.
So let’s celebrate our new host, Caroline Stephens!


Caroline Stephens left school and joined the financial services industry leaving after 13 years as a senior manager answerable to the Board of a High Street Bank before embarking on a mathematics teaching career in her early 30s. She has taught maths to students aged 4 to 84 and helped champion the importance of financial education. In her subsequent role as the ‘Wiltshire Financial Education Campaigner’, she worked alongside civil servants, MPs and actuaries to ensure that school students and teachers alike understood the importance of saving and avoiding indebtedness. She received recognition in a financial education parliamentary debate after an e-petition in which she actively promoted reached over 100,000 signatures and details of her activism /financial teaching work can be found in Hansard. At that time her work with members of The Actuarial Consumer Information Working Party as their Education Spokesman (and only non actuary) provided her with opportunities to speak to senior members within the largest institutions in the City of London.


After attending a local public meeting on the implications of the UK’s membership of the EU, having experienced first hand on connecting with MPs, she joined a political party and immediately sought to represent it at the local council elections. She was selected to represent the party at the General Election of June 2015 and shortly afterwards, was appointed as the Campaign Manager for LeaveEU in August, being one of the organisations that promoted a Leave vote. She travelled the UK promoting merchandise, attending Party Conferences, sharing platforms with MPs and training the activists on education and the promotion of street stall activity when she moved across to become the National Activist Support Manager for Vote Leave, again sharing platforms to debate with MPs and supporting the activists around the UK with their work.


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Stepping Stones To Awareness, With Caroline Stephens

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