Stand Up X Trafalgar Square LONDON 29 Aug 2020

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As the BBC fake news is the talk of the media, and two new NEWS Channels being announced as viewers desert the OFCOM fake news channels.. we will see what these 2 new ones will deliver as public faith in YouTube and Global media lies are outed across the world. Berlin with millions protesting against ‘Nazification’, of all the countries of the world. War with China and so on.

So I took at look in at Stand Up X the protest in central London, and was met be many BASES fans, and friends for a wonderful day. Marred by the targeting of Piers Corbyn by mask wearing police, hypoxiated and setting themselves up for lung and face disease issues for the long cold winter ahead, as the poles continue to move and the effects of the Solar Maunder Minimum take hold, as more harvests fail resulting in a shortage of flower! Threats of £10,000 fines, and £100 fines for each attendee, the government is hell bent of stopping all discussion and protest across the country. This new law is the death of democracy. Pure Nazification is on the way.

Stand Up X were organizers., Sound issues effected the audibility, due to sabotage by the authorities. Live stream links turned off. GCHQ in full force. Big screen stolen “or ceased”.

Shot on the mobile..not always pointing correctly, so here is a random report on the speakers. See Stand Up X’s site for the close up coverage live-streamed during the afternoon.
Thanks to Jane, Christina and Gill for extra input and travel. Also meeting good new friends. Also Jemma was there!!

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