Solar Science Fast Blast Feb 2020

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Thanks to the donations an extremely important Science Masterclass has been possible. This is very importnat data, and until its done, its just a shout out THANK YOU !! for the donations, without which, on Monday last, it would not have happened.

We also have a real Computer problem with an ASUS KGPE-D16 server board as an Editor. Got real speed issues. It uses 2 Opteron 8 Core processors. Its so serious its going to have to be scrapped..its £3,000 worth of resources. It simply is not performing, so a shout out for IT support in the detail. The board wont handle USB 3, which ingesting takes hours. Spped for edit is taking huge time
. Now days late.

This is to Say that the Donations and voluntary support is making making a huge difference. Fast blast back to the editing. This is a CRUCIAL time, as we now in Maunder Minimum for 35 years

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