Seven and Alfred Webre with Miles Johnston

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Delighted to be invited to be on Starseed Seven show, Seven at 7, 7 days a week., with host Alfred Lambremont Webre . Earlier, Seven was unavailable for a previous show, so Alfred hosted that one. Crucial to THIS show is not what Miles say, but the the final 20 odd minutes, and what Alfred says about the Alien issues in the Cater White-house, and his colleague futurist Schwartz…. author of the infamous Rockefeller Foundation 2010 report..which is the blueprint for the current full take over of all government using a pandemic….

This is a rare in vision interview with myself, so what the heck, do watch Sevens many shows on her YouTube channel highlighted in the start and end credits of this re-upload. Miles is in Norway, courtesy of Anne Hess, Seven is in London, and Alfred Lambremont Webre is in the Dominion of Canada..Vancouver. Thanks to them both for have me on the show

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