Sandra Fecht

Sandra Fecht is a well known Psychotherapist in Canada for more than 40 years. She has been interested in truth seeking all of her life.  In her teens, she became aware of some extra sensory ability that was at first, very confusing.  Her caring, desire to learn and help, and a sense of needing to get to the bottom of issues, led her to become a therapist.  The recognition of repressed sexual abuse led to the development of techniques to help clients find their own truth and unlock the unconscious.  As she gained expertise in these methods, clients were increasingly comfortable going further down the rabbit hole.  They started to report incidents of extreme, Ritual, Satanic abuse.  Eventually stories of reptilians emerged.  At first, Sandra found these reports difficult to believe.  However, she soon realized that these memories were true.

Talk: Ritual Abuse of Children: A Hidden and Under-Reported Crime

Talk description: After working with many clients with repressed sexual abuse Sandra has developed techniques to help people unlock unconscious secrets that are buried deep within their memories. Uncovering incidents of extreme, ritual, satanic abuse led to stories of what seemed unbelievable including encounters with reptilians. Sandra will talk about how she uncovered this phenomenon, what was found, signs and symptoms of ritual abuse, methods that work including energetic awareness.