Russian Myths busted & Rudolf Hess Update

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Michael Shrimpton is an intelligence writer and author of ‘Spyhunter, the Secret History of German Intelligence’. In this planned “live” lecture, Michael gives an update to his earlier Rudolf Hess lecture on what happened in Britain’s darkest hours, involving a number of Coup d’état attempts which Churchill avoided.
Main Lecture:- Russian Mythsbusted
The Sergei Skripal assassination (attempt) is addressed here, and Russian Myths debunked. We have multiple traitors within our agencies.
As we proceeded multiple attempts were made to go Live, so we could have questions from the livestream group. But alas only a few splutters and freeze frames. This is an edit.

Part of the Bases Project Lectures Series. See other Bases Lectures from conferences and live studio records elsewhere on this channel.
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