James Casbolt, Max Spiers & BBC Update Feb 3 2017

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Brief information on the latest from James Casbolt, Maitreya is about to make himself known in London, mainstream media awaits … we shall see. The issue of some kind of imminent ET Contact is in the air.
The BBC has interviewed me about Max Spiers. This is a first BBC documentary into this area for decades. We shall see

Once again a THANK YOU to those who have donated. This is really crucial to keep things going, and literally keeps the lights on.

Good news is that a major shut down problem in the 1st Editor PC has been traced to those 6GB PCIe cards which simply dont hack it, when it comes to video editing. Another has failed. Thats 4 Hard rives I cant use, and another drive is on its way out. Failing SMAART Test

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