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Arriving after a very long drive into the middle of nowhere central Ireland, and expecting a long series of investigative interviews over extremely important ancient issues..focusing on my home town of Lurgan= Black Rock. “oops cant appear on camera”, ergo ZERO ability to do Bases 100, with the immediate knock on of no Bases 2019 conference.
This is what we call a complete misunderstanding, and disaster.

On the plus side was able to see the wrecked old family home being repaired. (All insides ripped out, destroyed, all lead taken off all windows completly smashed so any new owners have to spend a vast fortune to build a new home. (now being made into 3 apartments).

Well, we got some extremely vital new data.

Talking with a family who had to spend £250,000 on legal fees to save their grandaughter from Satanic Ritual Abuse, allegedly taken to ceromonies by the father. The girl is fully Monarched and abused. BUT good news she is now extremely well happy and a sharp cookie, living in safety with the family that fought the system, which is totally corrupt.

This is the state of care homes the state of Social Services and Judicial Northern Ireland… the whole system, as in Canada. Its set up for SRA and Trafficking…
Monarch mind control.. the full nightmare..all in little old Northern Ireland.
Then there is the deep energetic water…. for whiskey…NO Fusion.. Secret Space program, DUMBs… the Irish Channel, Lake District, Irish North Coast.. Sligo,,, ET bases with SSP…
Talking ancient black rock..with a bitumous oil… from above..
so NONE of this is on camera….

Blog is in Son, Norway, about Ireland BASES 100 ABORTED

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