Irish Era 7-C KissFM 103-7 Mast Final look May 1989

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Brief clip with the late Daffy Don Allan, who was interviewed for the Irish era Part 7..this is a raw camera file off VHS, shot after Kiss FM 103.7 finally closed in Jan ran its transmitters again to station keep for a possible restart..that was not to happen until 1998, with Energy 106.6 which used the same site until March 2005. The key to this release is the way the camera was pushed over as I said the final statement to close the Irish Era Part 7… the material after that has never been released.

The Answer is in the wind.. we had company, and we still do, and its here right now…
ITS Compliance.

SKY Televsion had just started, as that WAS (I repeat WAS) an ITS station until Jan 2011..

Its also a very rare site of Miles (me) on camera, ‘doing my thing’ running megawatt pirate stations.
The phased array antenne gave a max of 1.2Megwatts from the available transmitter power. It was a 4 lobed array, allowing a lot of splash to the rear of the mast and at either side. The main beam was to Belfast, in a narrow high gain lobe.
The AM transmitter ran 5KW from the site down near Monaghan town. That transmitter was canabalised to Crhris Cary’s 3KM FM rig, which once ran the original Kiss FM 102.7 in Dublin in 1983. The late Frank McCarthy used the rig and it was run up to 5KW for Energy… I upgraded that again to about 7KW… until it raid in May 2005, and that was that…

Miles is releasing as much of his camera archive to James Dillon Productions in Dublin, so the raw (and often horrendous VHS camera material) can be up-rezzed anyone know an algorithmic up-rezzer for low ef material??

The Aliens there, are the “Fae”, and they were to take Lawrence 4 times, near the the St patrick’s Chair and well just 2/3rds of a mile into the norther.. right on the boarder

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